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Prism Trek started as a experiment to see how I could incorporate a color shuffle mechanic with some physics-based bubble game. Once the initial prototype was completed I knew I had something special, but discovering the best path to take for the game took over six months before striking gold. To see other projects by Chase Webb, check out the Twisted Webbe main page:

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The original prototype, titled Fantastic Orbs


Indie Developer

Chase Webb

A screenshot from Plasma Mania, my first project.

Originally from Oregon in the United States, Chase moved to Osaka, Japan in 2006, where he has been raising a family and teaching since.   

In 2013 Chase started experimenting with Game Development for the first time, using the Torque2D engine. In 2015 Unity 5 was released alongside the free licensing options and he made the jump to the new engine. After numerous prototypes he finally landed on the Prism Trek idea in 2019 and switched to solely working on it in early 2020.

Chase is completely self taught and does all of his programming in his spare time alongside his full-time job of teaching, and is endeavoring to become a full-time game developer in the near future. 

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